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Some R&D tax advisers are better than others – with Direct R&D, we look for more because we believe there is more value to bring in for your future investments. Our Direct R&D team can aid your business in achieving the maximum potential that your innovation truly deserves year on year and protect you from risk.

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Research and development tax credits are a government incentive created to reward UK companies for investing in innovation. Using Direct R&D gives you a maximised claim with a low fee ensuring you receive the best return to invest back into your company.


We Work to UnderstandOur Customer

We have extensive experience with all sectors, which means we will work hard to understand your vision and your achievements. This gives us a competitive advantage in getting you the highest possible claim amount for your innovations.

We are ready to assist you, we have a wealth of knowledge and experienced advisors ready to support your business.

Experienced Advisors

Our experience and knowledge really shows, we have already helped loads of businesses claim, the next one could be yours.

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We really do offer some of the lowest fees in the industry, if not the lowest, giving you the best return on your innovations.

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Our experienced advisors love nothing more than helping your business grow, building claims is what we do.

We Listen To
Your Vision

We listen and it really shows, this is how we are able to get you the best return on your R&D Tax Claim year after year.